X10-based Agent Simulation on Distributed Infrastructure (XASDI)

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X10-based Agent Simulation on Distributed Infrastructure (XASDI)


XASDI is a platform for a massive agent-based simulation and is written in the X10 programming language. In XASDI, an agent manager manages agents that are executed asynchronously in each place. An agent in a place can communicate with an agent in another place by sending a communication message.

Directories and files

  • api (XASDI API javadoc)
  • doc (XASDI Application Development Guide)
  • jar (XASDI runtime jar file)
  • src (XASDI runtime source code)
  • MySample (a sample XASDI application source code (Eclipse project))
  • README.md (this file)

Building XASDI runtime from Source

  1. Set up build environment
  2. cd src
  3. execute ./build.sh

Building and running a sample XASDI application

  1. Set up build environment (if not yet done)
  2. cd MySample
  3. ant
  4. execute ./run-Sample.sh

Information for developing your own application

Refer to the XASDI Application Development Guide and API javadoc.


XASDI is licensed to You under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). You may not use XASDI except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/eclipse-1.0.php


This project is supported by CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency.


Please feel free to submit your feedback or requests as GitHub issues.