The latest news about the X10 programming language.

X10'16 Workshop Program Posted

The program for the X10'16 workshop is now available.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 14 June in Santa Barbara, CA, USA (co-located with PLDI'16).

You can now register for the workshop and associated events via the PLDI registration site. The early registration deadline (lower registration fees) is May 13.

APGAS for Scala Released

We are happy to announce the release of the APGAS library for Scala. This library provides an implementation of X10's Asynchronous Partitioned Global Address Space (APGAS) programming model for resilient, elastic, parallel, and distributed programming as an embedded domain-specific language for Scala. It is based on the APGAS library for Java.

Call for Papers for the 2016 ACM SIGPLAN X10 Workshop

The X10'16 workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 14, in Santa Barbara, California, United States (co-located with PLDI'16). We encourage submissions on all aspects of X10, including theory, design, implementation, practice, curriculum development and experience, applications and tools. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, March 11.  Please see the online call for papers for detailed information.

X10 2.5.4 Released

We are happy to announce the release of X10 and X10DT 2.5.4. The main features of this release are improvements to Resilient X10 including significant performance improvements to the implementations of resilient finish, the addition of ULFM-MPI as a network transport for Resilient X10 applications, and enhanced standard library support for writing Resilient X10 applications and frameworks. The release is available for download at

X10'15 Proceedings Available

The proceedings of the X10'15 workshop are now available from ACM. The slides of the presentations are attached to the program.

APGAS Released

We are happy to announce the release of the APGAS library for Java 8. The APGAS library provides an implementation of the X10 programming model as a pure Java library. It will be discussed at the X10 Workshop in Portland, OR on Sunday, June 14. The release is available for download at

We have migrated the JIRA used for X10 project issue tracking to a new location:  

Userids were migrated from the old JIRA at Codehaus to the new one, but for security reasons passwords were not migrated.  If you had a userid in the old JIRA, please use the password reset mechanism to set a password in the new X10 JIRA instance.  If that doesn't work, please contact David Grove ( to make sure your userid is associated with the correct email account to enable the password reset to work.

ScaleGraph 2.2 Released

The ScaleGraph group has announced the release of ScaleGraph 2.2.  ScaleGraph is a graph library for large-scale graph processing built using X10. Features at a glance:

  • XPregel ­– a framework for Pregel computational model
  • Betweenness Centrality
  • Degree Distribution
  • HyperANF (beta)
  • Maximum Flow (beta)
  • Minimum Spanning Tree (beta)
  • PageRank
  • Strongly Connected Component
  • Explicitly Managed Memory

For more information, please refer to

IIT Madras Benchmark Suite Released

A new kernel benchmark suite -- IMSuite: IIT Madras benchmark suite for simulating distributed algorithms has been released. IMSuite implements twelve classical distributed algorithms in two task parallel languages - X10 (x10-2.3.0) and HJ.  IMSuite is an open source benchmark suite, which can be freely downloaded at:

The slides and sample programs from the first X10 2.4 tutorial APGAS Programming in X10 given at the Hartree Centre Summer School are now available.