Release 1.7.6 of X10 is now available. The various platform-specific releases of X10 include both the C++ and Java backends/runtimes for X10. See the Release Notes for details on what is new in X10 1.7.6.The Common PGAS runtime is available as a separate binary download. To use the C++ backend/runtime to compile and execute X10 programs, you will need to download and install both the X10 1.7.6 and Common PGAS Runtime 1.7.6 that match your Operating System/hardware platform.Included at the top-level of the X10 release is a directory of sample programs that are known to work with the 1.7.6 C++ backend.

X10DT has also been updated for X10 1.7.6.
See the X10DT Installation page for instructions on installing or updating X10DT.

Information on Building X10DT from the repository is also available now.



  • Download the Common PGAS Runtime and X10 1.7.6 distributions for your platform.
  • Untar them.
  • See the INSTALL file in the X10 1.7.6 directory tree for additional instructions.