Cormac Flanagan, UCSC (X10 team contact: Vijay Saraswat)

X10 is is a modern, type-safe programming language for highly-parallel, distributed, and petascale computing. A distinguishing feature of X10 is its generic and dependent type system, which statically identifies common programming errors involving array dimensions, etc, and which distinguishes local and remote data.

Despite these benefits of the X10 language and development environment, concurrent programming remains a challenging task that is still prone to some traditional pitfalls, including races, atomicity violations, and determinism violations.

The goal of this project is to strengthen X10’s rich type system to statically verify these three fundamental correctness properties of race-freedom, atomicity, and determinism. Our particular focus is on pointer-rich data structures, such as lists, trees, and graphs.


Haibo Chen, Fudan University, China (X10 team contact: Haichuan Wang)

This project aims at characterizing the performance and scalability of the current Java runtime library for X10. Specifically, we will focus on the working scheduling and data distribution for X10 activities, to exploit the parallelism and locality on NUMA-based multicore architecture. We will also investigate the use of software transaction memory to increase the parallelism of X10 programs.