The 2014 X10 Workshop (X10'14)

co-located with PLDI'14

Edinburgh, UK
Thursday, June 12, 2014


Session 1: Introduction

Introduction to X10
by Olivier Tardieu
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Coffee break


Session 2: X10 applications

Porting MPI based HPC Applications to X10
by Hiroki Murata, Michihiro Horie, Koichi Shirahata, Jun Doi, Hideki Tai, Mikio Takeuchi and Kiyokuni Kawachiya
IBM Research - Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology
[paper, slides]

Performance Analysis of Lattice QCD Application with APGAS Programming Model
by Koichi Shirahata, Jun Doi and Mikio Takeuchi
Tokyo Institute of Technology and IBM Research - Tokyo
[paper, slides]

Dynamic X10: Resource-Aware Programming for Higher Efficiency
by Matthias Braun, Sebastian Buchwald, Manuel Mohr and Andreas Zwinkau
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology




Session 3: Resilient X10

Keynote: Resilient X10 (50 minutes)
by David Cunningham
Google Inc.

Writing Fault-Tolerant Applications Using Resilient X10
by Kiyokuni Kawachiya
IBM Research - Tokyo
[paper, slides]


Coffee break 


Session 4: Tooling and scheduling

Toward a profiling tool for visualizing implicit behavior in X10
by Seisei Itahashi, Yoshiki Sato and Shigeru Chiba
The University of Tokyo

Armus: dynamic deadlock verification for barriers
by Tiago Cogumbreiro, Raymond Hu, Francisco Martins and Nobuko Yoshida
Imperial College London and University of Lisbon

A Case for Cooperative Scheduling in X10's Managed Runtime
by Shams Imam and Vivek Sarkar
Rice University