2013 ACM SIGPLAN X10 Workshop

Thursday June 20

Pioneer Room, Red Lion Hotel, Seattle, Washington

9:00-10:00:  Session 1: An Introduction to X10

A tutorial on X10 and its implementation
David Grove & X10 Team

10:00-10:30:  Break

10:30-12:00:  Session 2: Applications of X10

Paper: First steps to compiling MATLAB to X10
by Vineet Kumar and Laurie Hendren
McGill University

Paper: Invasive Computing in HPC with X10
by Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Christoph Riesinger, Martin Schreiber, Andreas Zwinkau and Gregor Snelting
Institut für Informatik and Technische Universität München and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Paper: Achieving Load-Balancing in Power System Parallel Contingency Analysis Using X10 Programming Language
by Siddhartha Khaitan and James D. McCalley
Iowa State University

12:00- 1:30:  Lunch.

1:30- 3:00:  Session 3: Scalability and Performance

Keynote Talk: X10 at Scale by Olivier Tardieu (IBM Research).
X10 is an open-source imperative concurrent object-oriented programming language developed by IBM Research to ease the programming of scalable concurrent and distributed applications. In this talk, I will report and reflect on our experience running HPC application kernels and graph algorithms implemented in X10 on a Petaflop IBM Power 775 supercomputer (with up to 55,000 Power7 cores). I will discuss design and implementation decisions that make it possible to achieve competitive performance at scale while retaining X10's productivity. In particular, I'll describe our implementation of the Unbalanced Tree Search benchmark (UTS), which illustrates X10's handling of irregular parallelism.

Paper: Hybrid Parallel Task Placement in X10
by Jeeva Paudel, Olivier Tardieu and Jose Nelson Amaral
University of Alberta and IBM Research

3:00- 3:30:  Break.

3:30- 5:00:  Session 4:  Java Interoperability and Lightning Talks

Paper: Java Interoperability in Managed X10
by Mikio Takeuchi, David Cunningham, David Grove and Vijay Saraswat
IBM Research

Lightning talks.  Sign up  during the workshop!  Or sign up in advance by emailing David Grove (groved@us.ibm.com).

  • What's next in X10? -- Discussion of Future Plans led by the X10 Team at IBM