Version 2.0.0 of X10 and X10DT is now available for download on most platforms.  There are also a set of pages describing the X10 2.0 versions of the HPCC Benchmarks. The Common PGAS runtime is available as a separate binary download. To use the C++ backend/runtime to compile and execute X10 programs, you will need to download and install both the X10 2.0.0 and Common PGAS Runtime 2.0.0 that match your Operating System/hardware platform. Included at the top-level of the X10 release is a directory of sample programs.



  • Download the Common PGAS Runtime and X10 2.0.0 distributions for your platform.
  • Untar them.
  • See the INSTALL file in the X10 2.0.0 directory tree for additional instructions.