Claudia Fohry, University of Kassel, Germany (X10 team contact: Evelyn Duesterwald)

The computer science curriculum at Kassel University includes courses "Parallel Computing 1 to 3", which are elective courses of 3 ECTS each. Parallel Computing 1 and 2 is typically attended by second- or third-year students, Parallel Computing 3 is for master students. Traditionally, the courses teach programming in OpenMP, MPI, and a third system (e.g. Cuda, Java Threads), as well as other parallel computing topics such as basic terms, architectures, algorithms, and performance optimization. Each course includes programming assignments to be solved in teams of two students, which are the basis for grading. Project goal is to redesign the courses such that they use X10 instead of OpenMP and MPI. After this change, more time should be available to spend on principles of parallel programming, performance factors, parallel algorithms, and advanced example programs. English versions of slides and programming assignments will be published.