Release 1.7.3 of X10 is now available.  This release includes the newly open-sourced C++ backend for X10, as well as the Java backend.  The standalone Java backend 1.7.3 download is also available from the X10 Sourceforge downloads.


The release downloads are available from the codehaus distribution server. You will need to get both the x10 1.7.3 and the matching Common PGAS 1.7.3 runtime distributions for your platform. You can also download the latest revision of the 1.7 language specification. See the Release Notes for the details of this release. Included at the top-level of the release tar ball is a directory of sample programs that are known to work with the 1.7.3 C++ backend.


X10 1.7.3 Language Specification





  • Download the Common PGAS Runtime and X10 1.7.3 distributions for your platform.
  • Untar them.
  • See the INSTALL file in the X10 1.7.3 directory tree for additional instructions.