See the Release Notes for details of what is new in this release.


  • Source Distribution of X10 2.2.2 Use this if you want to build X10 yourself, use X10 with CUDA, modify the X10 implementation, or need X10 for a platform that is not one of the ones for which we provide pre-built binaries.
  • X10 test suite Full X10 test suite run by our nightly regression testing.
  • Binary builds of the Common PGAS runtime that match the X10 2.2.2 release are available as separate binary downloads. Under most circumstances, you should not need to manually download the Common PGAS runtime yourself. It is included in the binary X10 releases where needed, and will be automatically downloaded by the X10 build process if you are building from source. Note that the only supported builds of PGAS are for BG/P.

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