If you have extended or enhanced the X10 system and would like to contribute your extension back to the community, please use the X10 JIRA to create an issue and attach a patch. When submitting a patch, please include the following:

  • The patch file for your contribution
  • The filled out Contributor License Agreement
  • A description of the functionality you are contributing
  • The version of X10 used to create your patch

Your contribution will be licensed under the Eclipse Public License version 1 (EPL), the license used for X10. The license has been approved by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) as a fully certified open source license.

Contributor License Agreement

All contributions must include a filled out Contributor License Agreement. Insert a high-level summary of the contribution in the first blank (for example "fixed bug in LoopOptimizer", "improvements in array performance", or "test cases for clocks") and put your name(s), contact information, and date at the bottom of the form.

If your contribution is owned by your employer or university, someone authorized by your employer to make such a decision must add a comment to the patch in the tracker stating that you have permission to contribute it.

If you intended to make multiple contributions to the X10 project, you may find it more convenient to sign an agreement covering all future contributions to the project.  If so, fill out and return this variant of the Contributor License Agreement.