This tutorial was given at SC'11 on November 13, 2011 (SC'11 tutorial page).  The tutorial describes version 2.2 of the X10 language. The major topics covered in the tutorial are:

  • An overview of the X10 2.2 language and core class library.
  • Compiling X10 code to execute on GPGPUs.
  • Effective patterns of concurrency and distribution drawn from four X10  programs totaling over 45,000 lines of  code.
    • LU Factorization (benchmark kernel)
    • Global Load Balancing framework (application framework for distributed dynamic load balancing)
    • Global Matrix Library (library providing distributed dense and sparse matrices)
    • Fast Multipole Method program from ANUChem (collection of computational chemistry codes in X10)

The tutorial slides are available as:

Online tutorial

PDF file

PPT file

The sample code was organized into an X10DT 2.2.1 workspace and can either be downloaded as or checked out from svn at