Shishir Nagaraja, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Dehli, India (X10 team contact: Vijay Saraswat)

Prof. Nagaraja is engaged in research into P2P botnets made famous yet again by post-wikileaks network attacks. His group seeks to understand the fundamental limits of the P2P technologies used as botnet foundations and design effective botnet countermeasures. The IBM X10 award will continue to fund research in this direction. The understanding of efficiency, robustness and resilience to attacks of various decentralised botnet architectures along with development of novel techniques that will deal with the sea of uncertainty that comes from building a system out of unreliable and sometimes untrustworthy components will be game changing initiatives in dealing with the problem of botnet defense. A significant component of this work is large-scale statistical traffic analysis dealing with terabytes of traffic on a daily basis. The IBM X10 award will fund a specific part of his group's research agenda on developing concurrent techniques for performing such analysis on ISP scale traffic. Specifically, on spatial and temporal communication pattern analysis and understanding botnet structure. The development of such highly concurrent large scale systems will play a key role in engendering cooperative cooperative detection of botnets in the near future.