• ScaleGraph: a graph library providing large-scale graph analysis algorithms and efficient distributed computing framework for graph analysts  and for algorithm developers (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Global Matrix Library: a library for distributed dense and sparse linear algebra (IBM)
  • ANUChem: a collection of computational chemistry codes for quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations (Australian National University / IBM)
  • IMSuite: a suite of twelve classical distributed algorithms as benchmark kernels, used to evaluate different forms of parallelization and synchronization (IIT Madras)
  • X10-based Agent Simulation on Distributed Infrastructure (XASDI): a platform for a massive agent-based simulation (IBM)
  • Megaffic: an agent-based simulator of traffic flows using the XAXIS agent framework (IBM)
  • SatX10: a framework for parallel boolean satisfiability (SAT) solving (IBM)
  • MiX10: an open MATLAB compiler which translates to X10 for efficient execution on high performance computing systems (McGill University)
  • Armus-X10: a framework for distributed deadlock detection and avoidance

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