The latest news about the X10 programming language.

X10'15 Proceedings Available

The proceedings of the X10'15 workshop are now available from ACM. The slides of the presentations are attached to the program.

APGAS Released

We are happy to announce the release of the APGAS library for Java 8. The APGAS library provides an implementation of the X10 programming model as a pure Java library. It will be discussed at the X10 Workshop in Portland, OR on Sunday, June 14. The release is available for download at

X10 2.5.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of X10 and X10DT 2.5.3. The primary features in this release are improved compiler support for X10DT features. The X10 Editor is now much more resilient to syntax errors: features such as outline, hyperlink, hover help, and content-assist continue to work in the face of compilation errors.  The release is available for download at

We have migrated the JIRA used for X10 project issue tracking to a new location:  

Userids were migrated from the old JIRA at Codehaus to the new one, but for security reasons passwords were not migrated.  If you had a userid in the old JIRA, please use the password reset mechanism to set a password in the new X10 JIRA instance.  If that doesn't work, please contact David Grove ( to make sure your userid is associated with the correct email account to enable the password reset to work.

X10 Day Tokyo 2015

Date and Time: January 29 (Thursday), 2015, 9:30-18:00
Place: IBM Research - Tokyo (Toyosu) (access)

The X10 Users Community proudly presents the second X10 Day Tokyo.

Dr. Vijay Saraswat from IBM T. J. Watson Research Center will give us a keynote followed by a mini workshop by selected X10 related projects in Japan. We invite most of the serious X10 users in Japan as well as the active X10 project members from IBM Research - Tokyo, so it should be a good opportunity to meet them in person and discuss the current and the future of the X10 language and its applications.

We also welcome prospective X10 users who would like to master the language quickly. The X10 tutorial in the morning is a perfect fit for you. Don't hesitate to join us !

Register now for X10 Day Tokyo 2015



Session 1: Tutorial

APGAS Programming in X10
Mikio Takeuchi (IBM)




Session 2: Keynote

C10: Probabilistic Constraint Programming in X10
Vijay Saraswat (IBM)


Coffee break


Session 3: Applications and Frameworks

Resilient X10 and Fault Tolerant Application Framework
Kiyokuni Kawachiya (IBM)

City Traffic Simulation on the Large-scale Agent Simulation Framework
Hideyuki Mizuta (IBM)

Current Status of X10 on K Computer
Tomio Kamada (Kobe U.)

Performance Optimization in X10 Graph Processing Library
Koji Ueno (TITECH)


Short break


Session 4: GPU

Performance Analysis of Lattice QCD in X10 CUDA
Koichi Shirahata (TITECH)

X10-specific Optimization of CPU-GPU Data Transfer with Pinned Memory Management
Hideyuki Shamoto (TITECH)


Short break


Session 5: Compiler and Tooling

Optimization of X10 programs with ROSE compiler framework
Michihiro Horie (IBM)

X-Eye: A Profiling Tool for X10
Seisei Itahashi (U.Tokyo)


(Optional) paid social dinner

Tome Teba (Chicken wing Kyushu style)  (5 minutes walk from IBM. 4000 yen)

X10'14 Workshop program available

The  X10'14 workshop program is now available, including links to papers and slides presented at the workshop.

ScaleGraph 2.2 Released

The ScaleGraph group has announced the release of ScaleGraph 2.2.  ScaleGraph is a graph library for large-scale graph processing built using X10. Features at a glance:

  • XPregel ­– a framework for Pregel computational model
  • Betweenness Centrality
  • Degree Distribution
  • HyperANF (beta)
  • Maximum Flow (beta)
  • Minimum Spanning Tree (beta)
  • PageRank
  • Strongly Connected Component
  • Explicitly Managed Memory

For more information, please refer to

IIT Madras Benchmark Suite Released

A new kernel benchmark suite -- IMSuite: IIT Madras benchmark suite for simulating distributed algorithms has been released. IMSuite implements twelve classical distributed algorithms in two task parallel languages - X10 (x10-2.3.0) and HJ.  IMSuite is an open source benchmark suite, which can be freely downloaded at:

The slides and sample programs from the first X10 2.4 tutorial APGAS Programming in X10 given at the Hartree Centre Summer School are now available. 

X10 won the HPC Challenge "Best Performance" Award in the Class II competition at SC'12.

The X10 submission (paper, presentation, code) was based on X10 code for Global HPL, Global Random Access and Global FFT and Unbalanced Tree Search (UTS) benchmarks and performance runs on the PERCS machine. All benchmarks were run at 32K cores, some also at 55K cores. We showed good scaling and good to outstanding absolute performance on all benchmarks. More details are available at the HPC Challenge 2012 Awards page.

All papers and presentations from the X10 2012 Workshop are now available from the workshop program page.  Videos of the X10 tutorial and the Main Memory Map Reduce presentations are also available.


A new release (version 2.1.0) of the IBM Parallel Debugger for X10 Programming, is available from IBM developerWorks. This release includes a number of bug fixes and user interface improvements including an activity view and enhancements to the variable view to display the contents of DistArrays.

Version 2.1.0 of the IBM Parallel Debugger for X10 Programming requires version of X10 and X10DT.


David Hudak has updated his X10 tutorial to X10 version 2.2.1.  The tutorial is available at
All example code was tested with X10 v2.2.1 built with gcc v4.4.5 and mvapich2 v1.6 on Glenn, the OSC production cluster. 

The slides and sample code for the tutorial on X10 2.2 given at SC'11 are now available at the SC 2011 Tutorial page

At SPLASH'11, David Cunningham demonstrated a distributed raytracing program written in X10.  The raytracer ran on a "cluster of laptops" exploiting both the the CPUs and GPUs to render the scene. A screenshot of the scene, a video demo with simple water  and a video with GPGPU-simulated water are available. The code for the raytracer has been released in the X10 project's svn at

Materials from the 2011 X10 Workshop (papers, presentations, and a video of the "X10 in a Nutshell" session) are now available from the X10'11 Program page.

On Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010, the X10 team hosted a Birds-of-a-Feathersession to a standing room only crowd of over 100 attendees at the  annual SPLASH/OOPSLA conference. The session included short presentations by six members of the X10 community: Jens Palsberg (UCLA), Corky Cartright  (Rice), Tony Hosking (Purdue), Tetsu Soh (University of Tokyo), Eli Tilevich (Virginia Tech), and Daniel Frampton (Australian National University), who discussed what they are doing with X10 for curriculum development, applications, and advanced implementations. The session concluded with several questions and answers for the X10 team.  If you didn't make it, you can watch the Videos.